What to see in Spain: places to visit once in a lifetime

Spain has endless tourist attractions: heritage, history, sea, mountains … But what should you visit once in a lifetime? Click here to read articles on Travel.

Siurana – Tarragona

Siurana is a story town that evokes the memory of the Middle Ages.To conquer the town the knights of four counts were needed, the castle of Siurana crossed that extended from the Coll de Balaguer to Tamarit de Gaià. It was finally conquered in 1153 after the fall of Lleida and Tortosa. The most relevant building in Siurana is its Romanesque church, which has a cover with a figured eardrum framed by three half-point archivolts. In addition, it is one of the most important climbing destinations in the country and the world.Click here to read articles on Travel.

Salinas of San Pedro del Pinatar – Murcia

The Salinas de San Pedro Regional Park, despite its small extension, is one of the destinations you must visit once in a lifetime. The park is located at the north end of the Mar Menor and is a good example of the transformation of an old coastal lagoon into salt flats, which, today, are still a productive asset. Among the fauna and flora that you can find, the coastal sabina, the reed, the reed, the charrancito, the stork or the flamingo stand out.

Chulilla – Valencian Community

Chulilla is a Valencian municipality surrounded by a natural landscape of immense beauty. Rocks, natural pools, the Turia canyon and lush forests make the municipality an essential place to visit. But there are many more reasons to visit this curious corner: Chulilla Castle declared a Historic Artistic monument in 1981, is located on top of the hill that crowns the town; You will also find cave paintings in the Falfiguera ravine that represent human figures, groups of animals, isolated animals and even indecipherable motifs.


Laguardia – Euskadi

Laguardia is probably and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in Rioja Alavesa. Not only will you enjoy the delicious Basque cuisine in Laguardia, you will also admire the charm that the town has for itself. Among its attractions are the portico of Santa María de los Reyes,  which corresponds to the end of the fourteenth century and whose  polychromy was carried out in the seventeenth century ; The clock in the Plaza Mayor is a symbol of the identity of this municipality and is composed of “El Cachimorro” and two dancers. Nor can you miss the AbacialTower, the Church and tower of San Juan or the underground Caves of the municipality.

Almagro – Castilla-La Mancha

Almagro, in the province of La Mancha in Ciudad Real, is a reference in Castilla-La Mancha and an essential destination. The Almagro Classical Theater Festival has become an essential event and a tourist attraction because of its formula of corral theater. The city has been declared entirety Historic Artistic Site and it is that it involves us in its culture, art, tradition and Castilian cuisine. The Plaza Mayor, monumental and wide, has a covered gallery supported by Tuscan columns that make it unique.

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