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conversational AI

Clinic is a world’s top rated conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) company which has experienced the important product pivots recently. It was actually founded in the year 2015 by the group of computer scientists in the Michigan University. It has as well as undergone the changes in the leadership and investigations into its declared pattern of the sexual harassment by the former CEO. Currently, this Clinc firm is carving out the role within the financial service market where customer queries of its highly personalized conversational AI platform streamlines and collects the related information for the enterprises.

Features of Clinc Company:

conversational AI

Clinc firm is always used to work across the multiple numbers of verticals with the early customers including Ford, Wendy’s Chick-fil-A, and Stryker. Last year, it made the most purposeful pivot toward the market of the financial services with the help of its Finie, virtual voice assistant, and also the concurrent developer platform. It provides the customizable conversational AI which uses a single model for the different channels. At the same time, they also help companies like the banks to understand the customer data as quick as possible and answer the questions from the customers.

When you consider the Finie or Financial Genie product from this Clinc firm, it is considered as the out-of-the-box financial assistant to answer any type of questions from the customers. Finie product from this company is low code and it is corresponding SaaS platform which is architected with AWS in order to provide the customized responses. If you are running an enterprise IT team and are in need of such systems, you can either use the trail pack of the AI solution from Clinc Company or ask it to do the same thing according to your specifications. It also looks to expand its deployment scale with the different companies in order to provide different financial services even through the convenient mobile applications.

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