The biggest advantages of using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is finding its place in more and more areas of everyday life. And this is a good thing! While AI poses dangers and risks, it also brings many benefits and will allow many people to take advantage of new opportunities.Click here to read articles on Tech.

More accurate weather forecasts

It may sound trivial, but the potential of AI to process very large amounts of data makes it possible to obtain better weather forecasts. It is not really a question of knowing whether to go out with an umbrella or not, on the other hand it can play a decisive role in agriculture and disaster prevention. If you can predict storms, precipitation or droughts, it is easier to adapt to the weather. Long-term climate forecasts are important for farmers to plan their strategy: planting, harvesting and even the type of crops grown. The help that AI can offer is not negligible.Visit this site to read articles on Tech.

Better medical diagnoses

Using AI, doctors can diagnose many diseases much faster and more accurately than before. It is especially in the diagnosis of cancer that AI can work wonders, and here speed plays a key role: the earlier the diagnosis, the better the chances of recovery. Artificial intelligence ensures that humanity is closer than ever to defeating cancer.

More accessibility

artificial intelligence

Not everyone can use the keyboard and mouse, or type on a touch screen. AI-based language assistants remove the barriers that some people may encounter on a daily basis, be it Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana or even one of the countless AI-based chatbots. All these measures make the daily life of many people more comfortable and enjoyable. The things that can be done with such systems were unthinkable just a few years ago. Actions like Google’s Euphoria project also help people with disabilities, and this can only be done with AI.

Incorruptible and objective

Artificial intelligence does not know feelings and has no emotion. This has a major advantage: a computer is incorruptible and reacts according to strict rules and specifications. With AI, you can be sure that corruption and personal instability will not play a role. In times of populist trends, fake news and the like, a certain degree of rationality can be anything but bad.

Safer road traffic

The car will become autonomous, or at least much more automated than before. Keeping an eye on the many possible variables and situations requires exactly the qualities that a well-designed AI system brings with it. In this way, traffic is smoother and above all safer for everyone involved.

In China, for example, artificial intelligence is used to control traffic light circuits so that ambulances, police or firefighters can move faster to help where it is needed. Only AI can link measurement data from countless sensors, vehicles and more, and determine the appropriate measurements in fractions of a second.

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