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To learn about finie, first, you should know more about Clinc.

Clinc Success Sidebar

Clinc has continuously delivered exceeded expectations to the clients to date and can see it in the KPI’s. Genuine happiness can be seen in the clients and their customers with the virtual assistance they receive from the Technology and by working with the clinc team.

82% Customer Satisfaction

The average CSAT is 82% from all live deployments, and we can assure you that the customers will love virtual assistance built with clinc.

95% Containment Rate

this Technology has a 95% containment rate demonstrated in the 10,000,000+ user interactions done in a production environment. The percentage of exchanges with customers that the virtual assistant technology of clinc was able to complete and successfully fulfil a proposed task and customers need without a human’s assistance is called containment rate. The customers’ needs are taken care of by Finie from beginning to end 95% of the time.

Digital Marketing

Clinc Technology comes developer ready.

Established in 2015, clinc is a conversational artificial intelligence research company developed by a computer scientist group in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In a computer science classroom project at the University of Michigan, the original concept was born out.

The following tools are provided to the developers by Clinc’s Technology in 2021-

  • comprehensive AI testing capabilities
  • built-in version control
  • customisable response editors
  • AI model insight tools
  • Build-in Python, Jinja or Block
  • Rich conversational design options and tools

Clinc’s conversational AI is in Demand.

Clinc has become the most famous and advanced conversational AI technology in just five years.

This conversational AI technology has recently been named one of the top 25 AI companies to watch in Forbes magazine. The principal from day one was to explore and generate practical and creative ways of using artificial intelligence to solve common problems in everyday life.

Benefits of Clinc Technology

  1. No reliance on human service agents
  2. Improved customer wait times (CSAT)
  3. increase customer retention
  4. Cut down on operational overhead

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