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What do the different colors of carnations symbolize?

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Carnations are beautiful flowers used to express a lot of emotions. There are many colored carnations available with each of them suitable for gifting on different occasions. If you are looking to buy carnations you have same day flowers delivery mississauga that can take up the task. The below write-up gives a brief of what carnations mean and also about the different colors of the flower.

Carnations have been associated with many different symbolic representations. We shall look into some of them here.

  • Love in any form can be represented by carnations. It can be love between friends, love towards members of the family, or romantic love. A gift of carnation flowers will be relished by the recipient. It is a good choice for mother’s day, anniversary or any birthday celebration.
  • Fascination is another symbolism of carnations. People relate carnations to fascination as the flower itself is fascinating to look at. This flower is admired by many due to its distinct appearance and no wonder you can find its quotes in poems too.
  • The carnations stand out from the rest. They are unique and make the person receiving the flowers feel special.
  • Carnations have also been associated with devotion. You can find carnations featured in many paintings representing weddings.

There are many different colors of carnations available in nature. Each one is identified with a special feature.

  • White carnations indicate purity and good luck. When you gift someone a bunch of white carnations it means you wish them good luck and successful life. These can be gifted to someone who is taking a new step in life. To a student graduating soon, a friend getting engaged, etc.
  • Yellow carnation flowers however beautiful they are, represent only negative emotions. These should not be gifted for happy occasions but if you are to say sorry, you can say it with yellow carnations. They represent disappointment and sorrow. It indicates a feeling of sympathy.
  • Red carnations are the ones that symbolize love and affection. When you are very close to someone and want to convey how much you adore them, it is best done by sending a bouquet of red carnations. These lovely beauties in red give out a feeling of strong love towards the other.
  • Pink carnations indicate gratitude. It is the best way to say Thank you to someone close. Mainly associated with mother’s love, these make a great gift for mother’s day.