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The NPA – All You Should Know

National Police Association

It is not just enough for a society to function smoothly if the governmental agencies do their part. First, the general public must allow law enforcement officers to fulfil their duties. Since it is not an ideal society, anti-police forces exist as well. These forces are an obstacle to the police departments, which cannot rightly carry out their duties. The National PoliceOrganization is an organization that uses the law to combat the anti-police forces.

All responsible citizens must make it a point to support such private organizations that work for the benefit of the general public. Here are different ways in which common people can join hands with the NPA.


The existence and functioning of the NPA depend wholly on the contributions it receives from good-hearted individuals and generous organizations. All donations to the NPA are eligible fora tax deduction.

How to donate?

One who wishes to donate to the NPA can visit the organization’s official website. Go to the donation page. Here, one can find some standard donation options ranging from $5 to $2800. One can also choose to donate as much as they like by clicking the ‘Other’ button if their desired amount is not among the standard options. People can also choose to make monthly recurring donations.

National Police Association

Volunteering service

The police departments in various parts of the nation may be understaffed due to fund cuts. The National Police Association encourages the general public to help the understaffed police departments by offering to volunteer. What kind of activities can a volunteer take part in?

Firstly, the police officers would be happy to use some help from willing volunteers. So, by becoming a volunteer at the local police department, one can carry out the following tasks – assist the police with missing person cases, work as tour guides, watch the neighbourhood for any suspicious activities, write citations in case of parking violations by disabled citizens and a host of other jobs.

The police forces prefer volunteers from some specific niches. For instance, psychiatrists and mental health professionals can assist in counselling the victims of a crime. Computer programmers are always in demand in today’s digital age. Artists can volunteer to draw portraits of suspects.

The collective responsibility

 It is the collective responsibility of all the people in society to ensure that the law enforcement authorities do not face any obstacles while performing their duties.