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How to Totally Get Rid of Lice in A Right Way?

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Even though itching might be the sign of lice infestation, many times individuals are asymptomatic. Remember that though an only reliable symptom of infestation is presence of the live louse and nymph (or juvenile louse), presence of nits will be another sign that there’s or active infestation. Thus, you must immediately get the lice removal Sarasota, FL treatment.

 What are the signs of lice?

As lice move fast, they are not always simple to find. Here is what you must look out for:

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  • Feeling something in your hair is moving constantly.
  • Frequent itching and scratching.
  • Lice eggs or nits that look like small and oval shaped, clear and white dots. Nits stick at angle on the hair shafts.
  • Small bumps and sores on neck, scalp, and shoulders.

Suppose you think somebody in the family has got head lice, probably it is good that you check everybody in the family. Suppose you are very not sure, then your family doctor will help to diagnose the head lice.

Check Out Learn How OTC Treatments Work for Lice

The first line of attack against head lice will be the over-the-counter lice treatment, which generally comes in form of shampoo. Primary difference between different products is active ingredient & stages of the head lice that it kills. Many OTC lice treatments do not kill nits, thus second application will become important to completely kill nymphs after they are hatched.

Most OTC lice treatments make use of pyrethrins as active ingredient. Pyrethrins occur naturally in the flowers of Compositae family like chrysanthemums, known as chrysanths or mums. Suppose your kid is allergic to the flowers, they will be allergic to head lice treatment, which uses pyrethrins. Thus, be careful when undergoing any treatment for head lice and seek for professional treatment only.