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Marisa Mellet – The Physician Liaison That You Can Trust

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Physician Liaisons are people born with the gift of communication and public speaking. They are listened to by hundreds of medical professionals and are not afraid of speaking their minds when explaining what their company can offer. Marisa Mellett is one such Physician Liaison that oversees the growth of Action Behavior Centers. In short, she is a vital part of the company that makes sure they succeed over time.

Before becoming a Physician Liaison, Marisa had to undergo a series of training that would make her an effective Action Behavior Centers employee. It’s not an easy job, and it would require people skills. Luckily for Marisa, she is already a natural when it comes to socializing with people, even those she has never met before.

How Everything Started for Maris Mellett

Marisa Mellett grew up in the state of Texas. For her Bachelor’s Degree, she graduated from Texas Tech University in 2017. A few years later, in 2020, Marisa received her Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration/Management. It already shows how much she wants to work in the medical field, not truly hands-on, but become a representative.

Her first job was at Pinecone Therapies as a Registered Behavior Technician. RBTs mostly work with people in the Autism Spectrum, and she is particularly drawn towards children with Autism. Her enthusiastic and friendly personality is what made her shine, and she used this to her advantage even as she became a professional Physician Liaison.

healthcare facilities

After one year of working with Pinecone Therapies, she transferred to Action Behavior Centers as an RBT for eight months, where she continued working with people who have Autism. Soon after that, she was on the road to becoming a Physician Liaison.

Marisa’s Road to Success

After all of Marisa’s hard work and dedication as a Registered Behavior Technician, she became a Marketing Assistant. As a Marketing Assistant, Marisa learned a lot when it comes to communicating with people because she often handled new clients and worked closely with the VP of Marketing to expand physician relationships in new regions. She also worked closely with the Office Administrator in managing 40+ RBTs/BTs.

In August of 2019, she began her career as a Physician Liaison with the same company, Action Behavior Centers. Her main role as their representative is to build relationships with medical professionals in the Austin region. With her enthusiastic personality and people skills, she started working with 100+ health care providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, neurologists, etc.) to educate and inform about early intervention, ASD, and ABC’s services. It’s all about interpersonal and social skills. And she has shown her dedication as a representative.