How to dress for salsa dance

latin dance dresses

For many people, the choice of clothing is quite difficult, especially for all those who are preparing to embark on a dance path. Among the different types of dance, a particular role also as regards clothing is certainly given by the salsa. This kind of dance takes place in pairs and is danced to a genre of the Caribbean and Latin American music. There are various types of sauces, including Venezuelan, Puerto Rican and Cuban sauces. One of the fundamental techniques to be able to dance salsa is represented by the pauses in the fourth weather. The starting position consists of facing the partner with a hug. Let’s say that it is a dance that requires a lot of trust in the partner, especially for the steps that must be carried out in a coordinated manner. In the following steps of this guide, we will see, through a few simple steps, how to dress for a salsa lesson.

latin dance dresses

Necessary things


Before thinking about the dress it is advisable to choose the shoes, which are essential to be able to dance at best. The choice on the market is very varied, with rhinestones, open at the tip or closed and of different heights but the important thing is that they must fit you like a glove to be practically perfect for your foot. The heel of the salsa dance shoes should be between 4 to 8 cm and not very thin, but if you are just starting, try a lower and more comfortable shoe. In addition to the heel, there is no less the sole, which must be thin and flexible, have a grip on the foot and be breathable.  Dance shoes need more attention than a normal shoe, after dancing put the shoes in a shoe tree and let them air in a dry place, also do not forget to brush the sole which is the first thing to deteriorate. These little things will make your shoes last longer.


The first piece of advice is to choose a comfortable shoe, it must be soft to avoid that wearing it for a long time can cause discomfort or painful blisters. It is always advisable to buy them in specialized points or any case not online because the shoe must be tried on for a long time and the number may not correspond to what you have for other shoes. For men, the heel varies from 3 to 4 cm if you are a beginner and you don’t feel like trying with a lower heel.





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