Tips to take care of ducklings

When compared to chick the ducklings are super easy to handle as they don’t have great requirements like they sound to be. However, there are some basic things which are to be known before getting started with the duckling. Some of the basic tips to help the beginners are mentioned in this article.

Chicks and duckling

One of the most common mistakes made by many people is they will keep the chicks and ducklings together. But this is not the right choice. They must remember that the interest of the chicks and ducklings are completely different. The ducks will always prefer to stay in water or they will be comfort while they are wet. But this is not the case while considering chicks. The chicks will get greater discomfort when they are wet. Hence one should never keep them together.


The right amount of protein should be provided for the ducklings. It is to be noted that the protein content should not be too less or too high. For the first couple of weeks, it is always better to maintain 22% protein. When days pass by, the amount of protein content can be reduced to 16% or even more.

Tips to take care of ducklings


One of the most interesting thing about duck is they not only love to stay in water but they also prefer to drink more water throughout the day. Hence one must provide sufficient amount of water needed for their survival.


At times, the baby ducks can be provided with healthy snacks. Romain lettuce, kale (chopped) and other greens can be provided as their healthy snacks. And while considering snacks, the items like dried bread or other related foods should not be provided for the ducklings as these feeds will not favor their health at any extent. One can also consult the experts for their healthy diet.

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