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Due to the advancements in the technology, everything turned to be online. Nowadays every news paper started their e-news website. You can easily search the news on your mobiles. The mobiles with internet accessibility make you to read the news on the mobile. Each news paper have their particular website and you can choose any of the site. But people also prefer to follow the news websites that provides the good informative news. And the news should be updated fast than the other sites. Even though you have digital websites for such, some people always prefer to choose reading in the newspaper. As the media covers both types of people who are following the news on newspaper and on the websites, they feature accordingly. The Island Now is one such website that provides informative news. The news is covered in every aspect like politics, sports, entertainment, crime and so on. If you want any news from your topic, you can search this website easily and get the news.

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What does the websites and newspapers include?

  • There is a separate newspaper for every community. Each community have several local issues to be covered. There local information and news are needed by the people of that locality but not needed by the people present in other locality. So, the newspapers are provided separately for each community.
  • Even you can advertise in their newspapers and websites. You can advertise in the newspapers that goes to the particular area you targets. In this way, the cost of advertising may also gets decreased as you can send your advertising papers in the newspapers of the community where you require.
  • The newspaper have separate columns for the sports and entertainment. Some people are more concern about the sports and would like to know the every information and news on sports. Such people can get perfect news on this website or newspaper. And in the same way entertainment news are preferred by some people.
  • When you use their website, you can also get the live updates. But when you choose to read news on the newspaper, you have to wait for the next day for knowing any news. This is the only difference that makes the people to prefer the websites over the newspapers. Even you can choose to follow both if you are fond of reading the newspapers and want to get live news.


Hope you got an idea on the Island Now website and newspaper.

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