Do Some Important Things During COVID 19 Lockdown

No need to expand on this subject, which the media talk about repeatedly on television, we are in the middle of a fitness crisis: an epidemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has been affecting all over the world  for a few weeks. Because at Big City Life, we always try to see the positive side of things, we have strained up a list of equipment to do in Nantes throughout this somewhat hard period  but first of all: stay at home.

Do Some Important Things During COVID 19 Lockdown

Organize an Escape Game at home

 Keep busy, and nothing beats board games! Far from being old-fashioned, they amuse young and old alike and usually for several hours. Cleaning services are must during Covid 19 period to keep yourself safe.

To have fun, learn and transform your home into a playground, at The Body Optimist, we particularly appreciate the Escape Games in board game version. Riddles to solve on various themes that Escape Kit offers in the form of kits to download. In no time at all, you have everything you need to organize an Escape Game in your home. A real adventure to print and a simple way to enjoy confinement in a fun and joyful way.

Make a themed picture book

Whether it is for you or for your children, if you have them, here is another very nice activity to do! Take a large blank medium and set a theme. Then, provide yourself with catalogs or newspapers and cut out pictures with reference to the chosen theme.. Ultimately, you can even put them under glass and hang your works on the wall in your children’s room, for example.

Learn how to do your household products

Never have the time to start making natural household products? Now is the time to try! Laundry, dishwasher tablets, shampoo, mask You can do it all yourself! And what’s more, you’ll have time to do enough to keep using them after containment is lifted. One more act in favor of the preservation of our planet.

Engage in an artistic activity

Painting, sculpture, pottery, drawing and even DIY! Let your artistic soul speak and get started! Even if you don’t really know how to draw, paint, or sew, take up this challenge and let your imagination run wild. Who knows, you might just find yourself a hidden talent. It is also the perfect opportunity to start an activity over several days with your children.

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