Best Things About Authentic Spaetzle Recipe

Spaetzle is a special type of egg noodle which is a very delicious item to eat. This is a great recipe for the german or the Oktoberfest themed dinner party. These are the condensed egg noodles which are also chewable. These short noodles are mainly irregular in shape. This is mainly made from the simple batter of eggs that are mixed with the all-purpose flour or the semolina, and milk or water. This has got its name derived from Spatz which means little sparrows.

Tips for making the perfect spaetzle

  1. The spätzle dough should be moist enough. One should add the milk in little quantities at a time until one will have a moist dough which is mainly the same as the thick pancake batter.
  2. The spätzle maker must be oiled or greased properly so that the spaetzle dough does not stick to the holes.
  3. The spätzle size must not be too large, or else they will fall apart at the time of cooking.
  4. One should work in batches.
  5. Before making the authentic spaetzle recipe, a person needs to boil the spätzle the day before they plan to serve them.

Ways to serve the authentic spaetzle recipe

  1. This German noodles recipe mainly calls for frying the boiled spätzle with the melted butter until it turns golden. Then the same should be garnished with some of the fresh herbs such as parsley, and chives.
  2.  In Hungary, this egg noodle is mainly served as a side dish different from goulash and chicken paprikash.

The caloric value of this particular dish include:

  1. 150 calories of White Flour
  2. 24 calories from the whole fresh Egg
  3. 23 calories from the Milk
  4. 0 calories of Salt

A spaetzle maker is mainly a useful device that is mainly made from the metal whose main purpose is to make small dumplings which are known as spaetzle. The metal plate which has holes in which one can pour the spaetzle batter through directly into the boiling water. One can make the spaetzle one needs is the metal kitchen device having holes in it. A colander or the cheese grater plane will also work great.

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