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Isbank that is thinking ahead wants to differentiate itself from the other kind of financial service providers in Turkey once again. The people hoped to build up a truly unique customer experience which usually includes both digitals as well as face-to-face channels. They basically looked to construct a virtual assistant which is basically grounded in artificial intelligence that could support multi-turn use cases from bill payments to money transfer in Turkish. At the onset, Isbank struggled a lot in order to search for a vendor that can suit all of its requirements. Then, the Isbank founded Clinc.

Isbank quickly partnered with the Clinc company along with an aim to deploy its advanced conversational AI technology. Together they leveraged Clinc’s state-of-the-art AI in order to create Maxi. Powered by some advanced natural language processing, deep neural networks as well as machine learning, Maxi is able to comprehend and answer unstructured, daily human speech. This process took both of them six months in order to build and two months of rollout. Then in the month of November 2018, Isbank was successfully able to deploy Maxi to every one of its 8.2 million mobile app users.

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Clinc’s technology and Isbank’s Maxi yield unprecedented results

By leveraging the company’s natural language processing skills and is comprised of more than 10,000 Turkish words, Maxi is easily able to speak to its customers as naturally as another kind of human. The company’s virtual AI- anchored financial guru is also able to support all basic financial transactions for their Isbank customers which includes bill pay and also money transfers to some more detailed personal finance management questions like complicated spending advice and much more.

The clients of the Isbank provided important feedback early in the bank’s move to digital. All of its customers quickly grew tired of the monotone chatbot which does not provide much warmth and was challenging to listen to and finally did not offer conclusive answers to fit their requirements. In response to this, the other company built conversational AI technology which is supported by the communication and also language research conducted way back in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and brought Maxi to life conveying a life-like personality with its incredible grasp of ‘messy’ language. The company’s AI platform had importantly become a real human in the room, and also the bank’s customer base received every kind of piece of the ‘digital assistant’ puzzle that they are hoping for in Maxi.

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